JDM-1 Electric Relative Density Apparatus

JDM-1 Electric Relative Density Apparatus

The Electric Relative Density Apparatus is suitable for measuring maximum density and minimum porosity ratio of the soil with the grain size less than 5mm of non-cohesive soil and the mass of the specimen with the grain size of 2 – 5mm is not more than 15% of total mass of the specimen so as to calculate the relative density of the soil. It consists of drive system, control panel, vibration hammer etc. 


1. Mold: 250ml, internal diam: Ø5cm, height: 12.7cm, including sleeve

2. Hammer: hammer mass: 1.25Kg, 32 stroke times per minute

hammer: Ø5cm 

3. Drop: 15cm

4. Timing range: 0 – 15minutes

5. Power: 120W

6. Power supply: 220V


7×24 熱 線